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Homework 11/21/17

posted Nov 21, 2017, 5:20 PM by Unknown user
ELA- 2nd Mid-term review sheet, Purple: In paragraph 18 it states, Even i Jiddah it is mostly rich women who play sports" Explain how this relates to the idea of "Women using basketball to push for greater rights on and off the courts in Saudi Arabia

          Green: In paragraph 7, Sadagah states " It made me more social. It made me confident". Explain how this relates to an important idea illustrated within the text.

           Yellow: In paragraph 4 , it states "For the players, basketball is not merely a sport.  Its also an act of rebellion" Explain how this quote conveys the central idea of the text.

Math- pg 39 questions 13-21
Social Studies- Mid-Term review Sheet
(Have a Fun Time Doing The hw)