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4/16/18 H.W.!!

posted Apr 16, 2018, 1:02 PM by Unknown user
ELA: Movie questions due Monday April 23rd,  you can find the movie at: www.archive.org/details/my side of the mountain1 questions are: 
1-What is Thoreau's philosophy? 
2- How does Sam apply Thoreau's philosophy? 
3- What challenges from nature does Sam face? How does he cope with these problems?
4- How does Sam taking Frightful from her mother disrupt her normal uplorining? Think about how human interaction affects her)! 
Math: Complete worksheet! 
Science: Complete question 5 on page 179 of the textbook! 
Social studies: read pgs 278-285 answer questions 1-5 on pg 285 expect dyr!!