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11/13/17 HW!!!

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Make sure to look at the daily "CNN" news hw

SCIENCE- Research coal,oil,and natural gas to find out what types of organism were primarily responsible for producing each. Organize findings in well constructed paragraph. Copy and Anwser questions 26 and 27 on pg 69 in TEXTBOOK. Copy questions on loose leaf and Anwser them validly.
Instructor: Mrs Padula 
LIBRARY- log in Destiny and pick 5 books.
If you haven't written the steps here are the steps:
  1. Go to http://Librarynycenet.edu
  2. Type: is141Q
  3. Click on our school  THE STEINWAY SCHOOL
Instructor- Mrs Cippo 

 MATH- HW#1 HOLT textbook pg 354 #'s 1-3,6-8,12-19
(We have gotten into 2ned marking period)
Mrs Ngo has given us a ERROR ANALYSIS for 2ned marking period test#1. She hasn't given our tests back so don't worrry about that but don't lose it we don't want to waste paper.
Instructor-Mrs Ngo 

SOCIAL STUDIES- 6h3 please don't do the previous assignment Mr Peters gave us. Do the updated one.
HW#1- Workbook pg 83 "Anticipation Guide." Conplete the activity in the workbook directly.
ARTICLE OF THE WEEK #3 due Monday (he will give it tomorrow)
Instructor-Mr Peters

ELA- NO HW For today but get your book reviews in
Instructor-Ms Murphy 

6h3 daily news reminders:

07/07/17- FATEMA'S BDAY:)

08/26/17-RAJMIN'S BDAY:)

11/22/17- LINA'S BDAY:)

11/25/17-EMILY'S BDAY:)

05/29/17- SINDY'S BDAY:)

12/01/17-wonder movie only 300 seats available

11/17/17- FREE museum field trip 

05/08/1717- ESHANI'S BDAY:)

11/16/17- Report Cards distributed 
11/22/17-11/23/17- Thanksgiving Recess (school closed)
11/30/17- Afternoon and Evening parent teacher Conferences (early dismissal at 11:20am)
 07/12/17- MS.MURPHY'S BDAY
 11/21/17- Parent workshop for 6th grade parents (An overview of the mid-term exams and insight on how to help your child with homework and study strategies)  

-Rajmin Chowdhury is at your service
Happy late BDAY George,Johnny,Dimitra,Javier and any other September,October and Past November  BDAYS

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Nov 13, 2017, 1:57 PM