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11/16/17 HW!!!

posted Nov 16, 2017, 2:15 PM by President Class 6H3   [ updated Nov 16, 2017, 2:20 PM ]
ATTENTION 6h3 here is your hw

ELA- Complete unit 1 Advanced Literacy--- Real world Study and give it in tomorrow. 
MATH- Progress pg 13 #'s 1-7 Midterm review sheet due Monday NOVEMBER 20.
SOCIAL STUDIES-Do article of the week #3 and complete midterm review sheet.
SCIENCE- Complete Michael G letter by MONDAY NOVEMBER 20 and complete review sheet.

6h3 daily news reminders:

07/19/17-MOMENA'S BDAY:)

07/07/17- FATEMA'S BDAY:)

08/26/17-RAJMIN'S BDAY:)

11/22/17- LINA'S BDAY:)

11/25/17-EMILY'S BDAY:)

05/29/17- SINDY'S BDAY:)

12/01/17-wonder movie only 300 seats available

11/17/17- FREE museum field trip 

05/08/17- ESHANI'S BDAY:)

11/22/17-11/23/17- Thanksgiving Recess (school closed)
11/30/17- Afternoon and Evening parent teacher Conferences (early dismissal at 11:20am)
 07/12/17- MS.MURPHY'S BDAY
 11/21/17- Parent workshop for 6th grade parents (An overview of the mid-term exams and insight on how to help your child with homework and study strategies)  

-Rajmin Chowdhury is at your service
I hope you guys are very happy with your report cards and see you tomorrow on the trip,don't bring your bookbags besides the ela hw. I would also bring the math in case and science.