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11/3/17 HW

posted Nov 6, 2017, 2:21 PM by President Class 6H3
ELA- Do the article she gave out
1.) Write gist statement for each paragraph 
2.) Anwser Mutiple choice
3.) In 1-2 sentences per MC explain why you chose the Anwser you chose
4.) Short response in CEAEAC 
5.) Vocabulary use context clues or prefixes to determine the meaning of the bolded words (write on back)
MATH- HW# 31 GO MATH 39-40 only

SCIENCE- Study for quiz on energy
-review law of conservation 
-coal formation,oil,natural gas 
-nuclear power plant energy transformations


*you may finish your wow project

6h3 daily news reminders:

12/01/17-wonder movie only 300 seats available

11/17/17- FREE museum field trip

11/2/17 -ELA test #2
11/6/17-Science quiz and math test/quiz and Social studies unit test good luck

11/7/17- End of first marking period (get ready for second marking period)
11/7/17- ELECTION DAY (no school)
11/13/17- WOW project DUE 
11/16/17- Report Cards distributed 
11/22/17-11/23/17- Thanksgiving Recess (school closed)
11/30/17- Afternoon and Evening parent teacher Conferences (early dismissal at 11:20am)
11/1/17- All Saints Day

-Rajmin Chowdhury is at your service
Well make sure to finish your hw and have enough sleep. Don't let the bedbugs bite