Academy System

Organization of the School

I.S. 141 is a middle school whose mission is to provide strong academics in a respectful environment where learning is supported and children thrive socially, emotionally, and intellectually. In this effort, the school is divided in three academies, Jewels, Einstein, and Shakespeare.

The Jewels Academy for Brilliant Young Minds, headed by Ms. Mucciacciaro, Assistant Principal, is comprised solely of sixth graders. The name was adopted years ago by Principal Williams when she was assistant principal for the Jewels Academy. She referred to the students in her academy as “jewels”. Ms. Mucciaciaro’s email address is

Seventh and eighth graders are divided equally between two academies, Einstein and Shakespeare. The Albert Einstein Academy for Academic Excellence is headed by Mr. Tenaglia, Assistant Principal. The William Shakespeare Academy for Academic Excellence is headed by Ms. Barresi, Assistant Principal. There is no difference between the two academies aside of the fact that each is named after noteworthy figures in science and English literature. The curriculum in both academies is exactly the same. Mr. Tenaglia’s email address is, and Ms. Barresi’s email address is

Each of the academies has an assistant principal, dean, and a guidance counselor. The deans ensure orderly student behavior in the classroom and the rest of the building. Deans enforce the NYC DOE disciplinary code at IS 141. The deans are Ms. Pereira, Shakespeare Academy, Ms. Rizos, Einstein Academy, and Ms. Vergiris, Jewels Academy.

Guidance counselors provide students and their parents’ knowledge to make informed decisions about high school choices and counseling students on issues or concerns they are facing at home and/or school. The guidance counselors are Ms. Alejandro, Ms. Mullahy, Ms. Nikolopoulos, and Ms. Zervos.

The parent coordinator serves as a liaison between the school and the parent body and works to strengthen parent engagement in the school. If a parent has a question or concern, he/she should contact the parent coordinator, who will provide guidance or resources to address the concern. The parent coordinator is Ms. Catechis, whose email address is She can also be reached at (646)581-5545.