Parent Support

I.S. 141 believes in a strong partnership between the school and parents.   In this effort, the I.S. 141 emails two newsletters to parents updating them on school events and other matters of interest.  The Parent Corner is a newsletter that the parent coordinator emails to parents, and the Steinway Times is the principal's newsletter providing information on students' education, school programs, and other matters of importance.  Please note that the newsletters can be translated in over two hundred (200) languages instantaneously by clicking on the word Translate, which is located on the right side of the newsletter.   Parents should include their email address on the emergency card (a.k.a. blue card) to ensure that their email address will be included in the mailing lists.  If a parent is not receiving the Parent Corner and/or Steinway Times, the parent should contact Ms. Catechis, Parent Coordinator at

I.S. 141 encourages parents to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences in the fall and spring and parent engagement time that is available each week for parents to visit their child's teacher(s) in-person.  Parents can also email their child's teacher(s) by contacting them directly.  Teachers' email addresses are available on the school's website under Faculty/Staff Email Addresses.

This year, the NYC Department of Education is adding a new feature to the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), which provides parents and guardians access to their child's academic record, such as report card and attendance, and biographical information.  The new feature is GradeBook.  It provides parents a view of class assignments and quiz/test results during a marking period.  The GradeBook replaces PupilPath and other third party vendors, who provided academic information.   For more information regarding the NYC Schools Account, please visit the following link:

If a parent/guardian does not have a NYC Schools Account, he/she should contact Ms. Catechis, Parent Coordinator, to secure a creation code and assistance in creating the account.  Ms. Catechis can be reached at (718)278-6403, ext. 2071. 

Language access is of utmost importance for many families to communicate with school personnel.  Please note that an interpreter will be made available upon request whether it is for an in-person meeting, over-the-phone communication, or Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Parents should request an interpreter for parent workshops at least two days in advance in order for the school to secure an interpreter, who can provide simultaneous interpretation.  The request should be emailed to Ms. Catechis at