High School & Specialized High School Admissions

  • 2021 High School Waitlists: students can join any waitlist(s) for which they are eligible.

    • Waitlists will close on August 13, 2021.

    • Families should use our online, searchable, high school directory (MySchools.nyc) to find programs that may have seats available. To do this, families need to use the More Filters option.

    • Watch our videos about waitlists at schools.nyc.gov/High.

    • Guidance on waitlists can be found online at schools.nyc.gov/Waitlists.

  • New students should be added to the waitlist at programs they are interested, and Family Welcome Centers can assist families over the summer with creating student profiles in MySchools. Contact information for Family Welcome Centers can be found online at schools.nyc.gov/WelcomeCenters.

2021 Summer SHSAT and LaGuardia Auditions:

  • Eligible Students:

    • 8th grade and first-time 9th grade students who moved to New York City after February 2021.

    • Students who were residents of New York City during registration and administration process but who could not take the SHSAT and/or submit their LaGuardia audition due to COVID, will be able to register for the summer SHSAT and/or the LaGuardia auditions.

  • Registration will open in July and students will take the SHSAT and/or audition for LaGuardia in August.

  • Families can reach out to a Family Welcome Center to register schools.nyc.gov/WelcomeCenters.

  • Families should continue to check our website for updates: schools.nyc.gov/SHS.

What we do know about 2022 admissions:

  • Thursday, June 24: High School Admissions Virtual Information Session for students participating in high school admissions during the 2021-2022 school year. More information is available online at schools.nyc.gov/High.

  • Students who are interested in taking the SHSAT for 2022 admissions can take the practice test found in the NYCGuide to Specialized High Schools Admissions Test – SHSAT for 2022 available online at schools.nyc.gov/SHS.

  • Encourage families to use our online, public, searchable high school directory (MySchools.nyc) to explore schools and programs over the summer. Families do not need to login to explore schools and programs.

  • Families should sign up to receive high school alerts at https://www.schools.nyc.gov/sign-up.

  • Encourage families to watch our High School Admissions Video Series at nyc.gov/High and schools.nyc.gov/SHS. Please note that information in these videos reflects last year’s admissions process and is subject to change.

  • State test scores will not be used to determine admissions to screened programs next year.

Link to NYC Department of Education - High School



TACHS-Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools

Parents/Guardians who are interested in having their child take the TACH, Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, may use this link for information: https://www.tachsinfo.com/home.aspx. The link provides registration fee information, the application for the TACH exam, and the testing dates with sites. Parents/Guardians must register on-line using the shared link.

Parents/Guardians complete the top portion of the TACH application form, sign it and forward it to their child’s School Counselors via email. After the form is completed, we will forward it via email back to families for their forwarding to the schools of their choice.