High School & Specialized High School Admissions

SHSAT Update - September 20, 2021

Today, we have updates for students interested in applying to any of the eight testing Specialized High Schools. Students apply to these schools by registering for and then taking the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). Offers are made based on each student’s SHSAT score, their school preferences, and seat availability. Here’s what families can do, and when:

  • Prepare: Detailed information, sample tests, and information about testing accommodations are available on our website.

  • Register: Registration for the SHSAT will open in mid-October 2021. Specific registration dates and details (including information about requesting testing accommodations) are coming soon!

  • Test: All registered students will take the SHSAT in December 2021. When specific test dates and other information become available, we will send updates. Students who are interested in taking the SHSAT for 2022 admissions can take the practice test found in the NYCGuide to Specialized High Schools Admissions Test – SHSAT for 2022 available online at schools.nyc.gov/SHS.

More updates are coming soon, including:

  • When the high school application will open and close, which is how students apply to the city 700+ high school program options.

  • When and how to register to audition for Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, NYC’s audition Specialized High School.

  • How to apply to schools with different admissions methods, including auditioning for arts programs.

  • Updated instructions for using the admissions system, MySchools.

Resources available NOW!

Link to NYC Department of Education - High School



TACHS-Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools

Parents/Guardians who are interested in having their child take the TACHS, Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, may use this link for information: https://www.tachsinfo.com/home.aspx. The link provides registration fee information, the application for the TACH exam, and the testing dates with sites. Parents/Guardians must register on-line using the shared link.

Parents/Guardians complete the top portion of the TACH application form, sign it and forward it to their child’s School Counselors via email. After the form is completed, we will forward it via email back to families for their forwarding to the schools of their choice.