Prospective Students

Excellence - Innovation - Collaboration

Nestled in the heart of Astoria, IS 141 is a zoned school providing rigorous academics in a supportive environment. IS 141 has embraced the Burgess' teaching philosophy, PIRATE, the acronym for Passion, Immersion into the process, Rapport building, Asking & Analyzing, Transformation and Enthusiasm in the educational process.


  • Grades 6-8

  • NASA School

  • Respect for All School

  • Showcase school for SEL (social-emotional learning)

  • Title I School (class size less than 30 students)

  • Academy system to foster community

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Regents Living Environment (high school credit)

  • Regents Algebra I (high school credit)

  • State-of-the-art science lab

  • Two (2) computer labs (Apple computers)

  • Technology-infused classrooms

  • Visual Arts

  • Computer Art (Graphic Design/PhotoShop)

  • Basic Coding Program

  • Music (keyboard/music theory)

  • Chorus

  • Theatre (Disney Jr/ Broadway Jr., Holiday Show, Multi-Cultural Extravaganza)

  • Foreign Language (Spanish)

  • SHSAT Prep Program

  • SHSAT Test Site

  • Civics for All

  • College Access for All

  • After-School Clubs

  • After-school program (HANAC Beacon@141)

Admissions Method

IS 141 is a zoned school with open admissions for non-zoned students in District 30 through the Middle School Application process. There are two admissions methods: Zone program and the Magnet Program for Advanced Mathematics, Technology, and Environmental Engineering (Magnet). Regardless of the admissions method, students are placed in the appropriate class, i.e. accelerated, core, ICT, or 12-1 class setting. Please note that the Magnet program refers to a method of admissions and not to a specific program at IS 141.

Middle School Application (MySchools):

  • Zoned Program: Students residing in the zone are given first priority and should apply using the zone code, Q141Z. If one is unsure of one's zoned school, please visit the following link on the NYC Department of Education's website,

  • Magnet Program for Advanced Mathematics, Technology, and Environmental Engineering: Students, who reside outside of IS 141's zone boundaries in District 30, may apply for the Magnet Program for Advanced Mathematics, Technology, and Environmental Engineering. Students, who apply through this program, are admitted via a lottery system. The code for the Magnet program is Q141L.

Notification of Offer & Waitlist

Students will be notified if they have received an offer to attend IS 141 on their MySchools account, which is accessed via If a student is on the waitlist, the student will be notified of a seat offer once it is available via the MySchools Account. For information regarding waitlists, please visit

Over-the-Counter Registration for Zone Students

Students, who reside in the zone, are given first priority and can register at the school during the school year. To determine if one resides in IS 141's zone, please visit the NYC Department of Education's (NYCDOE) webpage:

Please review the checklist for the list of documents that are required at registration at the school at Links to registration forms are posted on IS 141's website (home page).